Summer Reads from the Fuzzy Needle

06 May 2024

When music and words converge

By Tim Jarman

The Fuzzy Needle is a product of my relationship to words, sounds, and humans. From the shop’s beginning in 2019, I’ve been trying to find and share artifacts from the gone world. Our crew at the shop loves vintage vinyl and we primarily focus on having a diverse offering of titles spanning multiple genres. We also love new vinyl and work directly with independent record labels and artists to support their work and share it with our audience. We are equal part bookstore, and in this endeavor, we take the same approach. 

This offering of books is reflective of my interest in poetry, skateboarding, food, photography, music, deep listening, education, and transgressive art. Also, all of these recommendations come from one independent publishing company that partners with a record label. Emphasizing how books and records are indelibly connected at the Fuzzy Needle and the importance of supporting independent and outsider voices. 

Do Angels Need Hair Cuts? by Lou Reed 
In August 1970, Lou Reed, aged 28, left the Velvet Underground, returned to Long Island, NY, and delved into poetry. Rejecting rock, he immersed himself in verse, publishing in journals. Despite his declaration as a poet, he resumed music six months later. Do Angels Need Haircuts? captures this pivotal period. The book, from the Lou Reed Archive, showcases Reed's poems, photos by Mick Rock and others, and rare poetry zines. With a new foreword by Anne Waldman and afterword by Laurie Anderson, it sheds light on this lesser-known facet of Reed's life, offering insight into one of America's most distinctive cultural figures.

Transcendent Waves: How Listening Shapes Our Creative Lives by Lavender Suarez 
In “Transcendent Waves,” Lavender Suarez explores the transformative power of mindful listening in creative practice. Drawing on her background as a sound healing practitioner and artist, Suarez offers a blend of practical guidance and reflective exercises. Inspired by Yoko Ono's “Grapefruit” and Oliver Sacks' insights, Suarez's meditations prompt readers to engage deeply with sound amidst the cacophony of modern life. With illustrations and contributions from Bibbe Hansen, daughter of Fluxus cofounder Al Hansen, the book combines scientific findings, personal anecdotes, and prompts to foster appreciation for the art of listening and its potential to enhance creativity and mindfulness in daily life.

Be Patient : An Anthology Cookbook by various artists 
“Be Patient: An Anthology Cookbook” commemorates Mexican Summer's fifteen-year milestone with a collection of recipes from nearly fifty artists and friends. Inspired by MoMA's Artists' Cookbook, it embraces culinary experimentation, featuring recipes as metaphysical reflections, introspective musings, and outright rants. From straightforward to surreal, delicious to inedible, the cookbook expands the notion of cooking to nourish both body and spirit, celebrating the creative spirit in the kitchen.

Party in the Back by Tino Razo 
Renowned skateboarder Tino Razo has captured the essence of abandoned backyard swimming pools across Southern California, both through his photography and his skateboarding prowess. His debut book, showcased here for the first time, transcends mere documentation of thrill-seeking skaters in suburbia. Instead, it presents a striking juxtaposition: renegade skate sessions featuring world-class athletes alongside evocative architectural images, symbolizing the fading American dream. “Party In The Back” serves as a poignant tribute to the vanishing pool culture, illuminated by the warm glow of Southern California's
golden light.


The Fuzzy Needle hosts music performances, art shows, and poetry readings at its shop, located in the Cargo District. Swing by for a dig or come check out a show sometime.

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