A Place Where Hearts and Dreams Run Free

04 Sep 2023

A Place Where Hearts and Dreams Run Free

By Aubrey Clark 

In Wilmington's embrace, where river meets the sea, 

A tapestry of history unfolds, a place of beauty free. 

The Cape Fear's gentle currents whisper tales of old, 

As sun-kissed waves upon the shore in rhythmic stories rolled.


Majestic oaks with outstretched arms, a Southern welcome's grace, 

Their leaves, a dance in salty breeze, a gentle, warm embrace. 

Azaleas bloom in vibrant hues, a riotous display, 

Painting streets with colors bold, in spring's enchanting sway.


Beneath the sunlit cobalt sky, a waterfront alive, 

With ships that sailed both near and far, where dreams and hopes did thrive. 

Battles fought and victories won, their echoes linger still, 

In the heart of Wilmington's embrace, a resilient spirit's fill.


A riverwalk of brick and charm, with laughter in the air, 

The scent of seafood delicacies, a feast beyond compare. 

Festivals that celebrate the arts, the soul of this fair town, 

Where creativity and passion bloom, in every sight and sound.


From Thalian's stage to galleries adorned with treasures rare, 

Expressions of the human soul, the essence of our shared affair. 

Historic homes and hidden nooks, a secret to explore, 

In Wilmington's embrace, a story's told at every door.


So let us raise a heartfelt toast to Wilmington's delight, 

Where history and modern grace entwine in purest light. 

A jewel along Carolina's coast, a gem for all to see, 

In Wilmington's embrace, a place where hearts and dreams run free.

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