Building Financial Foundations for Community Trust

03 May 2022

Comprehensive wealth planning that embraces saving, investing, and goals for retirement


CAPTRUST’s Wilmington-based advisors have earned the trust of individuals, business owners, and families for the comprehensive wealth management services that they provide. The benefits for their clients are the knowledge, experience, and judgment they need to make effective financial decisions.

Wilmington is one of 75 locations where CAPTRUST maintains a local presence with the strength of a national firm. As of December 31, 2021, CAPTRUST has $98 billion of client assets under its management, and the value of all client assets under its advisement is $620 billion. Each client is served by an advisor who is a fiduciary, operating in an unfettered and objective manner.

The firm’s size allows them to have resources in-house that most firms simply don’t have. This includes professional financial planning, client service, and investment research teams to advise both individuals and institutions.

Individual investors need comprehensive wealth planning, risk management, and investment services tailored to their risk profiles and goals. The decades of experience that CAPTRUST has serving as advisors to pensions, endowments, and foundations provide valuable insights that are applied to their clients’ financial needs. Because CAPTRUST serves its clients as fiduciaries, it is legally bound to put client interests ahead of its own.

CAPTRUST guides individuals as they move through various career stages from early to middle to late and helps them develop an approach that embraces planning, saving, investing, and retiring. Planning looks at the current financial picture and how it can change. Saving creates small steps to move closer to financial goals. Investing gives advice so clients can be confident decision-makers.

Finally, retiring still requires that progress is evaluated and plans are updated as needed. For retirement planning, CAPTRUST provides financial advice and investment strategies designed to help clients achieve their post-career income and lifestyle objectives. Its team of experienced financial advisors provide advice and answer questions about how much you need to save for your retirement, how to invest your money, and how to access your retirement savings.

CAPTRUST also helps families by giving them assistance with philanthropic planning related to entity selection, governance, passive/active giving, and strategic prioritization. Families can benefit from governance planning to develop investment and multi-generational strategies that include education, distribution planning, and long-term trustee solutions.

Executives and business owners also need help in managing their complex financial lives with all the competing demands on their time. In addition, they often need help addressing the challenges of maximizing corporate benefits, planning stock option exercise, and managing single stock risk.

The largest registered investment advisor in the U.S., CAPTRUST offers a broad range of services to institutional clients, including corporate and higher-education retirement plans, foundations and endowments, and religious organizations.

Solutions for institutions include investment advisory and fiduciary services. For example, endowments and foundations need to leverage expert resources to address their investment, spending, governance, and donor development challenges. Retirement plan sponsors need investment management and discretionary services for 401(k), 403(b), defined benefit, and nonqualified deferred compensation plans.

CAPTRUST also helps religious organizations balance faith and finance to meet their organizations’ goals. As the market leader working with religious institutions, CAPTRUST has developed services to address the special demands of institutions such as church-affiliated endowments, foundations, healthcare providers, and education institutions.

Guiding the Wilmington-based advisors in how they serve clients and embrace their local community are CAPTRUST’s five core values.

Accountability: Individually, and as a company, they accept responsibility for their actions. They embrace their role as trusted advisors and understand their obligation to be vigilant stewards of all that is entrusted to them.

Integrity: They conduct themselves with honesty and fairness at all times and in all circumstances. They do what is right — even when it is difficult or out of fashion.

Respect: All individuals are worthy and valuable. All points of view deserve thought and consideration. They acknowledge everyone’s right to dignity and use courtesy, civility, and deference in their interactions.

Collaboration: All individuals associated with CAPTRUST make worthwhile contributions to their success. They cooperate with one another, share information, solicit ideas and opinions, and appreciate everyone’s engagement.

Community: CAPTRUST has a profound responsibility to share its success. They contribute time, money, and energy to their communities and to assist those in need, particularly underprivileged children.

With a multidisciplinary team of professionals, CAPTRUST can help every client make well-informed wealth planning decisions. They serve the Wilmington area by enriching the lives of their clients, colleagues, and communities through sound financial advice, integrity, and a commitment to service beyond expectation.

CAPTRUST, 1209 Culbreth Dr., Suite 100, Wilmington, NC, 910-256-8882.

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