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03 Mar 2022

Coordinating outdoor furnishings to fit the coastal lifestyle of your dreams

By Judy Royal

Leisure World Casual Furniture has seen many trends come and go in outdoor furnishings over its 36 years in business, yet owner Trey Folcher says customers would do best to forget about what’s popular and focus on what’s functional.

“If you’re creating a new outdoor space, decide what you really want out of that space,” he says. “Do you want something plush and cushy to relax? Do you want something that’s easy maintenance? It’s really what’s most important to you in your living habits.

“Everyone is different,” Folcher adds. “There’s no right or wrong. It’s what makes you happy. Don’t worry about what magazines are saying. It’s your money and your life.”

One of the best parts of his job is helping customers create and blend multiple outdoor spaces.

“It’s always fun to be creative in coordinating the looks,” Folcher said. “Some like to incorporate them into a theme, while others like to give each one its own identity. We use our expertise to dig out what they truly want out of that space. We really focus on what the client wants, and once we know what they want we can help pinpoint the type of material and color scheme and quality furniture to allow them to use that outdoor space for a long time.”

Natural woods such as teak and ipe are common choices for outdoor furniture as well as decking and railing in this area due to their hardness and durability, however Folcher says he’s also seeing lots of poly lumber products and all-weather wicker.

In addition to residential projects, Leisure World also services commercial spaces such as community clubhouses, golf courses, hotels, country clubs and restaurants. In fact, Folcher explains that he and his team helped a lot of restaurants expand their outdoor seating areas when COVID-19 restrictions were in effect, enabling them to continue serving customers as much as possible.

During their nearly four decades in business, Leisure World has been a visible supporter of various local nonprofit organizations, including Cape Fear Literacy, Lump to Laughter, the Cape Fear Heart Ball, and the Brigade Boys & Girls Club.

“I’m a firm believer in giving back when you can,” Folcher says. “We always try to help out however we can.”

Some of Leisure World’s customers have been coming back for generations, and Folcher said that’s his favorite part of owning the business.

“Having that kind of warm and fuzzy feeling is great,” he shares. “It’s nice to see. That’s the part of Wilmington that hasn’t changed over the years. We really do enjoy creating those relationships.”

More About Leisure World Casual Furniture

Owner: Trey Folcher

Services: Outdoor furniture, grills, fire pits and accessories

Location: 6629 Market St., Wilmington

Phone: 910-392-7748

Website: leisureworldcasual.com

Facebook: facebook.com/leisureworldcasual

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