Spotlight: Aneliese Bard Andrades, Carolina Cleaning Services

25 May 2023

Amazing things can happen when a lot of grit and passion for the community fuel a business

By Carin Hall

Aneliese Andrades is an entrepreneurial force to be reckoned with. Originally from Brazil, Andrades was the first woman to become an account manager at one of the country's most prestigious car rental companies. In the 90s, she moved to Wilmington to raise her two young sons, where she had to think quickly about her next move.

“When I left my career behind in Brazil, I essentially had to reinvent myself in the States,” she explains. “I asked myself, ‘What could I do that would allow me the flexibility needed to raise my children simultaneously?’”

She started a residential cleaning service out of the back of her car. Flash forward nearly 30 years, and Andrades’ Carolina Cleaning Services is a household name that has satisfied thousands of clients in the region. Her team now employs 14 full-time cleaning techs and many additional part-time employees. With their help, she plans to expand beyond the Cape Fear region, showcasing the company’s cleaning services, including commercial, real estate, parties and events.

What is the secret to her success?

“My business has heart,” says Andrades. “My exchanges with customers are more than just transactional—we have been fortunate to create well-established relationships with the people we meet and take pride in giving back to our community.”

As a Cleaning for a Reason partner since 2017, Andrades and her team provide free cleaning services to cancer patients, as well as for others dealing with other circumstances.

“It’s about giving people back the most important thing they have—time,” she explains. “Whether that’s creating more time for you to spend with those you love or doing more of what you love to do with free time. A clean home should not be a luxury.”

That’s why her team takes Sundays off—it’s a time for rest, relaxation, and spending time with loved ones. Andrades also empowers her all-female staff by providing fair pay, training, and mentoring. She believes in the importance of leadership and wants her team to know that they can do anything they set their
minds to.

While the company has faced its fair share of challenges over the years, from recessions to a pandemic, Andrades and her team have always adapted and come out on top. It's no wonder they have loyal customers who have been with them for decades. Andrades and her team receive countless notes of appreciation, glowing online reviews, and referrals from satisfied clients. She knows that client appreciation will keep coming as long as her staff continues to offer the best cleaning service in town. The people of Carolina Cleaning Services are happy to get behind that.

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