Watchu’ Doin’ Wilmington?

04 Jul 2023

When you love a city so much, you create a podcast highlighting its charm and community

By Demia Avery

Looking back, from the day that my relative invited me to visit her from Delaware, I knew instantly that Wilmington would be my new place of residence. It just felt like home. I have been searching for a place that combines everything that I love in a city. If I want to enjoy an evening out, I can take a stroll on Front Street to grab a drink or some food. If I want the stillness of living in the country, I can visit some nearby farmlands and open fields to take in the fresh air. If I’m in the mood for shopping, there is no better place to be, from the Cotton Exchange to charming shops downtown, on Castle Street or in the Cargo District. And if I’m looking for peace and spiritual wellness, I turn to the several water views and riverfront walkways to choose from. For me, Wilmington truly has it all. Not to mention the people, culture and general sense of community. 

That admiration quickly manifested into a podcast called Whatchu’ Doin’ Wilmington, which highlights the positive people, places and aspects of our city. For almost two years and counting, it has given me the opportunity to learn even more about this place I adore. I’ve visited, reported on, reviewed and interviewed some of Wilmington’s most notable people, places and events. I’ve interviewed Chef Keith Rhodes of Catch Restaurant, Rhonda Bellamy of The Arts Council of Wilmington, Margaret Stargell of the Willie Stargell Foundation, Jim and Betsy Knowles of ArtWorks and Brandon “Bigg B” Hickman of Coast 97.3 just to name a few. I’ve also covered events including the Cameron Art Museum’s Lantern Ceremony, the WILMA Show, The Azalea Festival, and others.

In all that time, I’ve been immensely impressed by the dedicated individuals I’ve encountered who contribute tirelessly to the city’s growth. I also appreciate the rise in recognizing minority-owned businesses and their valuable contributions to the city. 

I’m so happy I’ve planted my feet on this ground…er, sand…and I’m here to stay. This isn’t my “last reflection,” since I still have so much to discover, and my story here has only just begun. Rather, I’d like to think of the podcast—my ode to Wilmington—as an ongoing reflection of the light and joy I see here every day. And I think that positivity is contagious, so I hope you enjoy listening because there is so much more to come. 

Tune-in to Watchu’ Doin’ Wilmington on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

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