A Comfortable Approach to Interior Design

Posted On May 3, 2022

Blending and complementing the new with the old and treasured

By Judy Royal  »  Photos by Jessica Mignola

Interior designers don’t always start with a completely fresh slate. Sometimes they are called upon to blend and complement what’s already there.

“Most design firms work with a blank canvas, but we understand that most clients aren’t starting from scratch,” says Katie O’Neal, lead interior designer at Custom Home Staging & Design. “We don’t believe you should have to get rid of every single thing you own to have a beautiful space.”

In February 2021 O’Neal began working on a home in Landfall on Oak Creek Place, and her task was to help the homeowners complete their new residence after starting with another designer.

“The initial site visit revealed that we’d be working with a blend of the client’s existing pieces along with the previous designer’s selections,” she says. “They essentially needed a designer to assist with pulling it all together, creating a light, airy and coastal look.”

O’Neal made selections for the project at sister stores Custom Home Furniture Galleries and niche. by Custom Home, as well as local vendors in the Wilmington area. Items for this project included furniture, rugs, artwork, lamps, bedding and other décor. In October 2021, once all items had arrived, O’Neal and her team installed the project in one day. Assisting her was designer Jessica Mignola and lead installer Charlie Osis.

“This project exceeded even my own expectations,” she says. “I was thrilled with the end product, even more so because of the homeowner’s reaction. She was brought to tears on install day, seeing her home finally complete. This couple trusted the process, were patient with supply-chain delays and in doing so they ended up with their dream home.”

O’Neal says a popular misconception about interior designers is that they are just for the wealthy. Custom Home Staging & Design prides itself in offering a livable and attainable approach to design.

“With so many people moving to this area, it’s nice to know there’s a place to help people achieve the look with any range of budget,” she explains.

O’Neal says she’s noticed many clients are becoming bolder and moving away from traditional white color palettes to brighten up their homes.

“I’m seeing color again, and that’s exciting,” she says. “I’m hoping that people start to get a little braver and not be afraid of color anymore.”

Custom Home Staging & Design is located at 3514 College Road, Wilmington, 910-399-4017. customhomestaginganddesign.com