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07 Sep 2021

Youtheory wellness products soar in popularity during the pandemic


Joyce Moran of Wilmington has been working as the Training and Education Manager of Youtheory for over five years, and since then she has been spreading the word about the lifestyle brand of health and beauty supplements sold in over 60,000 retailers worldwide, including right here in the Port City.

“With 10-plus years in the industry in sales and education, my experience with top brands in our industry afforded me the opportunity to work with a growing brand in the collagen space,” Moran said. “Additionally, as a certified health coach, my goal was to work with a company that has a core mission to manufacture and distribute the highest quality products with clinically studied ingredients with exceptional quality control.”

Youtheory is a leading manufacturer of health and wellness products and a family-owned business founded in 2010 by Darren and Patty Rude, considered pioneers in the collagen industry.

“We travel all over the world to hand select the most efficacious and clinically studied ingredients, and in this way we are able to manufacture the highest-quality science-backed supplements for consumers,” Moran said. “Youtheory is the largest manufacturer of turmeric in the world and one of the largest producers of collagen. Our state-of-the-art 150,000-square-foot facility located in Irvine, California, is GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices)-certified through NSF, and we go above the FDA requirements for dietary supplements by practicing extensive in-house and third-party testing, as well as testing for heavy metals and pesticide residue. Every batch of our products is tested, as opposed to companies that rely on co-manufacturers who generally practice skip-lot testing.”

“While the core target customer is 35 to 55 years old, Youtheory’s product line benefits people in any stage of life, from 18 to old age,” Moran said. Locally, Youtheory products can be found at Lovey’s Market, The Vitamin Shoppe, Tidal Creek Co-op, Harris Teeter and Costco, Youtheory’s largest business partner.

“Youtheory was the fastest-growing manufacturer in the vitamin, mineral and supplement space in 2020 and has flourished during the pandemic,”
Moran said.

“Youtheory’s business, as with most natural products companies, has been positively affected by COVID-19,” she said. “Consumer awareness of natural alternatives for immune, weight management, emotional wellness and more has skyrocketed with the pandemic. For most of 2020, sales in our natural independent stores were negatively impacted during lockdowns, but our e-commerce sales grew significantly.”

Moran said her favorite thing about being involved with Youtheory is that it allows her to directly impact people’s lives. In addition, the company itself places a priority on giving back. Youtheory’s number one charitable platform is supporting kids in need, and it has worked toward that mission through a variety of philanthropic efforts, including constructing orphanages for at-risk children and building clean water wells in Africa. At home in the United States, Youtheory supports NEGU (Never Ever Give Up), Until Then for street kids, New Horizons to eradicate child homelessness and local children’s hospitals that provide care and resources for those fighting childhood cancer. In addition, where Youtheory’s products are sourced abroad, for every truck of water that irrigates a turmeric field in India, Youtheory supplies another truck of water for the local village.

Youtheory has many devoted fans that love to sing the praises of the products. Among them is Alla Korot, an actress and founder of the L’uvalla skin care line (luvalla.com). Korot said she first began using Youtheory about four months ago. The products are now a staple in
her household.

“I just really love how simple they are and how the products deliver results immediately,” Korot said. “They have the right products for the right issues, and they work. I trust them. I feel like they’ve really done their research, and they have created something very special.”

“Moran’s knowledge and expertise have been a bonus,” Korot said.

“She really knows the products, and she’s really great at explaining to me why I might want to add this to that or why I might prefer this over that one,” Korot said. “Everything she has suggested has been right on point. She’s out there educating everyone she can.”

Korot said she believes so strongly in Youtheory products that she has introduced them to her customers on her website, something she has never done with an outside brand in her company’s 16-year history.

“This is the first time I’ve decided to get behind another brand that makes something different than I do,” she said. “It’s a company that I am excited about, and I hope more and more people will
try it.”

Where to Buy: Lovey’s Market, The Vitamin Shoppe, Tidal Creek Co-op, Harris Teeter and Costco

Website: youtheory.com

Facebook: facebook.com/youtheorybeauty

Instagram: @youtheory

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