Fifteen Years of Designing Home Solutions

01 Mar 2023

Husband-and-wife team provide clients with turnkey remodeling and renovation services for kitchens and interiors

By Joe Jancsurak  »  Photos by Leslie Koehn Photography

Funny how things work out. Before the Great Recession of 2008, Alice Evans was doing very well as a designer involved with high-end new-home construction while her husband John, a commercial general contractor, was busy with school and hospital renovations. When the economy plummeted, so did their volume of work.

“That’s when we began working together on home renovations,” says Alice, “and we’ve been working together ever since.” The husband-wife team own and operate Dynamic Kitchens and Interiors in Wilmington. Together, they provide clients with turnkey remodeling and renovation   experiences involving kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, home offices and interior design.

“When beginning a project, I ask the customer for their wish list,” says Alice. “Typically, customers know what they want. For example, more storage, certain features to be moved around, more color—those types of things. What they may not want to discuss is their budget, something we need to know where we’re going with the project.”

As for John’s role, decades spent as a commercial general contractor prepared him to accomplish even the most complex renovation jobs. “There is very little that he cannot do,” says Alice.

Married for 40 years and having worked together for 15 years, Alice says she and John communicate well, which is great for their clients. “We really enjoy working together and discussing jobs at almost any time of day. Designing and providing beautiful rooms that work for the customers is what we enjoy.”

When they’re not creating attractive and functional spaces for clients, Alice and John enjoy practicing Aikido (a Japanese martial art), singing in the church choir at Good Shepherd Church in Wilmington, where John is a lay pastor, and sailing. In fact, it was their sailboat that in 1982 brought them from Boston to Wilmington, and where they paid just $3,000 for a fixer-upper house that they sold in 1989 to buy their second and current house.

It won’t be too long before the septuagenarians set sail again. “We plan to stay in business for about two more years before we rent our house and sail up and down the East Coast in our 34-foot sloop.”

Until then, they’ll continue improving the aesthetics of Wilmington one house at a time. That, after all, is what truly floats their boat.  

Dynamic Kitchens and Interiors

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