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07 Nov 2019

The latest trends in skincare


Looking good is big business. A 2017 study conducted by OnePoll for Groupon found that the average woman spends about $313 per month on her appearance, with men not far behind at $244 per month. At the top of the list of expenses for both is skin care, with cosmetics being a top-dollar item mostly for women.

While cosmetics and skin care spending is certainly not a new phenomenon in our society, there are recent trends in these industries that indicate a shift in popularity of some services.

“The biggest difference I see now is that a lot of clients are reading more, learning more and wanting more results,” said Connie Devine of C Devine Skin at Wilmington Massage & Wellness, 761 S. Kerr Ave. in Wilmington. “They want anti-aging, tightening, lifting, plumping.”

“I think we have become a society where aging gracefully is almost a lost art,” she added. “Botox and injections are more common, and people are willing to pay. More aggressive peels – to remove dead skin cell, fine lines, discoloration,
etc. – are also more commonly talked about and done. The more aggressive peels have a longer downtime, because the peels are more intense.”

“Also popular now is microblading, a tattooing technique in which a small handheld tool made of several tiny needles is used to add semi-permanent pigment to the skin, and the removal of bad permanent makeup work,” said Shannon Mackay of Dragonfly Permanent Makeup Salon at 814-C S. College Road in Wilmington. She also notices certain trends among specific age groups.

“Brows are definitely more popular with the age group of 45 and over, which is mostly due to thyroid issues or over plucking or poor health conditions,” Mackay said. “Brows frame your face and are the first thing people notice if they are missing or crooked.”

Devine said she is seeing an increase in male clients, especially with rejuvenating facials. “Facials are for everyone, absolutely everyone, men included,” she said. “Body work is so important to our well-being. Balance the skin and balance the mind-body connection. I think most men, and people in general, say they are surprised by how relaxed they feel and refreshed they are even after a 45-minute facial.”

Devine stressed the importance of the head, neck and shoulder massage portion of a facial because of the relaxation factor and its ability to “help soften the furrow between the brows.” She recommends that everyone get a facial every four to six weeks or even just once per quarter if time and money don’t allow for a greater frequency.

However, both Devine and Mackay said there is plenty you can do for yourself at home on a regular basis.

“Everyone should find a good skin care routine and stick to it,” Mackay said. “Your face is your business card to the world. I see skin up close-up every day, and I can tell right away the ones who have moisturized and used sunscreen.”

“When you do opt for professional services, do your research,” Mackay cautioned.

“It is so important when searching for a permanent makeup artist that you find someone who first has a tattoo license and second is certified in micropigmentation,” she said. “Look for someone who has taken additional training beyond the initial certification.”

Mackay is part of another trend that is on the rise in the cosmetics and skin care industry. More professionals are volunteering their services for cancer patients and others who could use a little extra help.

“About two years ago, I came across a client who told me that she did community outreach through the prison system, and I offered my services to those who are truly ready to start on a new life path,” she said. “I offered to remove tattoos and camouflage scars from drug tracks and injuries that would hinder them from moving forward in their lives. This same client passed my name along to another group here in town that helps women that are sex trafficked and branded, and thankfully they have been calling for my services as well.”

“I think everyone should give back wherever they can and especially in our industry,” Mackay added. “It's one thing to heal a body; it's another to heal a soul.”

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