Best of Wilmington NC 2020

The best places to dine, shop and enjoy the port city's finest - all based on your votes.

Pie in the Sky

Six simple summer pies

Tequila Comida and Cantina

A unique Mexican experience serving new and authentic dishes alongside some of your familiar favorites

Spring, Sprang, Sprung!

From pickled to savory to sweet, try this issue’s recipes at the summer’s first picnic.

Sweet N Savory Café

Serving the community with exceptional eats during a challenging time

Hunkered and Hungry

Port City eateries persevere despite the pandemic

Easter Dinner

Elegance Made Easy

Rounds Golf & Ledo Pizza

Enticing eats and nonstop fun all-in-one

2020’s Hungry Hot List

Port City’s new kids on the culinary block

Pucker Up!

Mad love for citrus

Aw, Shucks

Our picks for the Port City’s most outstanding oysters

Merry Memories

Celebrating traditions and holiday feasting

Jimbo’s Breakfast & Lunch House

Wilmington’s tasty and time-tested diner

Ho, Ho, Ho-ly Hungry

Where to feast your eyes and stomach this festive holiday season

CRUZ Restaurant

Carolina meets California and brings a baja-fresh menu in a bright and modern space

Tasty Travelers

The Port City’s most Mouthwatering Meals-on-Wheels

Cold Comfort

Stir and blend and chill your way through the summer heat with these delicious ice-cold recipes

Sizzling Summer Eats

Dive into the Port City’s tastiest signature summer dishes

Brasserie du Soleil

Making a mark on French cuisine

Parental Provisions

Port City’s top spots to celebrate Mom and Dad

Farm to Table

We’ve created a seasonal menu of vegetables and fruits, all available at your local market.