Mar-Apr 2014

Nest Interiors

We're Going to Disney World

It’s every child’s dream, but before you go, take advantage of expert advice to get the most out of the Magic Kingdom.

Camps That Rock

We have lots of camp options, from sports and science to academics and religion, to make your home very quiet this summer.

Hops Supply Co

A couple of London restaurateurs looking to elevate the dining experience at British drinking houses in 1991 combined the words gastronomy and pub.

Southern Greens

Once considered “just” Southern Comfort Food, now we know the truth. They are so good for you.

Restore, Rejuvenate, Enhance, Improve

 If you’re not happy with your body, your nose has always bugged you or those wrinkles are making you sad, join the club.

The Inaugural Wilmington Fashion Weekend

The four day celebration will feature 4 runway shows, a block party, an accessory trunk event, an Emerging Designers Competition, and more.

Cozy Elegance

Reaching out to customers with a warm and friendly approach and offering unique home decor spells success for Monika and Rich Williams

New Hairstyles for Spring

Expert advice on changing your hairstyle, and finding the right hair products to keep it looking good.

The Finishing Touch

Fred Kumpel gives us the scoop on the latest trends in window treatments

Nest Interiors

Tales of Southern Culture

Dr. William Ferris, the noted author and historian of the south and its stories and music, will be making an appearance to speak about his new book. Clyde Edgerton will be there to play Blues music.


Local artist Mitzy Jonkheer has honed her skills making precision handcrafted jewelry from various metals

Azalea Garden Tour 2014

A preview of three gardens on this year's tour and a little advice from The Transplanted Garden

Wilmington Wine & Food Festival 2014

2nd Annual Wilmington Wine & Food Festival

Wine, Women & Shoes

The third annual Wine, Women & Shoes party at the Burney Center Ballroom at UNCW

Wilmington NC Events March-April 2014

Looking to fill your social calendar? We've got the rundown on what to do this spring season.

Connecting Continents and Cities

From Wilmington to the world, Corning, Inc.’s optical fiber plant is the epicenter of telecommunications development.

47 Tips for an American Foodie in Paris

47 Tips for an American Foodie in Paris

Foodies Rejoice

If the city of lights is your home-away-from-home, you’ll enjoy a nostalgic tour through the twists and turns of this unabashedly food culture.

Spring Travel to the Mountains

Sometimes, you want to find a different direction. Sometimes, you need a mountain view from your room!

A Spring Tale

Girlie-girl style with an edge is this spring's hottest trend.

Living in the Great Outdoors

 We talked with four Wilmington-area outdoor living experts for helpful tips and advice on how to turn your backyard into an outdoor living space worthy of celebrating.

Nest Interiors