Hotel Ballast
First Citizens
Nest Interiors

The Machinist

Shaw Lakey utilizes his prior construction skills to turn hundred year old driftwood into beautiful sculptures

Business Ingenuity

The UNCW Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship is helping connect start-up businesses with valuable resources to grow, and strengthen Wilmington's community as a whole

Inspiration From the Sea

With summer in full-swing, we talked with an all-star cast of four Wilmington interior designers to share their recent projects which serve as celebrations of coastal style

Best of Wilmington 2014

You might call them the class of 96: the winners of our first annual Best of Wilmington poll in eight dozen categories.

Deeply Rooted

The law firm of Murchison, Taylor, and Gibson is intertwined in Wilmington's history

All in a Day’s Work

Wilmington Magazine talks with Ken Dull, owner of McKinley Building Corporation, about fostering the friendship between preservation and growth

Women in Business 2014

Women in Business 2014

Cozy Elegance

Reaching out to customers with a warm and friendly approach and offering unique home decor spells success for Monika and Rich Williams

The Finishing Touch

Fred Kumpel gives us the scoop on the latest trends in window treatments

First Citizens
Nest Interiors
Hotel Ballast

Tales of Southern Culture

Dr. William Ferris, the noted author and historian of the south and its stories and music, will be making an appearance to speak about his new book. Clyde Edgerton will be there to play Blues music.


Local artist Mitzy Jonkheer has honed her skills making precision handcrafted jewelry from various metals

Connecting Continents and Cities

From Wilmington to the world, Corning, Inc.’s optical fiber plant is the epicenter of telecommunications development.

Growing Traditions

At Peanut Butter & Jelly, you'll find stylish maternity-wear and children's clothes along with classic furniture for the nursery

Global Reach

A look at what the Port of Wilmington means to the Port City

Value-Based Education

The teaching philosophy at Friends School of Wilmington is all about nurturing and trust

Fuzzy Paws

A childhood fascination with animals has given Sullivan Anlyan a unique approach to her artwork

A Girl's Best Friend

Star Sosa has developed a loyal following for her jewelry design, with a unique mix of award-winning fine jewelry, hand-picked diamonds and fine art

Casting Call

For models and actors, the road to success is all about dedication

Keeping it Fresh

Cothran Harris talks about his design work with the new O2 Fitness facility at Hanover Center

Bully Platform

Technology has its uses, but as we discover can also make it easier for cruel kids to go beyond mean

A Passion for the Classroom

Three Teacher of the Year recipients from New Hanover County provide us an education on their unwavering commitment to help kids learn

Nest Interiors
First Citizens
Hotel Ballast